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    part of the Marina barrage project.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)In today's foodie segment Ch▓opsticks, we present "Duck Breast with Beijing Sauce". It's a delicate course of duck breast slices served atop Italian risotto,

    enhanced with a honey, seafood and soy sauce. It's a typical Fr▓ench preparation with Chinese flair. 3銆佲€滃嵎涓€鍗枫€傗€?鈥▓?鍔ㄨ瘝+ 鍚嶈瘝Beijing is a

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    heaven for gourmets, as the city brings together fine examples of Chinese cuisine from a▓cross the nation. If you're having trouble choosing from a long list of recommended eateries▓, follow our suggestion and try some

    of the restaura▓nts that've been in business for decades or ▓even centuries. They have stood the test of time and are recommended by generations of local

  • owed out, some like to stuff the pancakes w▓ith sauce-dipped

    diners. Beijing with a long history has many time-honored resta▓urants, and this is one of them. That's why some visitors even come here to take pictures of this landmark building. Dining in a time-honored restaurant

    is like ta▓sting a part of history. This restaurant is called Lai Jin Y▓u Xuan. I


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all in all, everyone has ▓their own favorite way of devouring this delicious dish.On Saturday's edition of

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t serves dishes mentioned in the classic novel "A Dream of Red Mansions". Eating here is a culinary introduction to the red mans

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ion stories. Lai Jin Yu Xuan, located at the west corner of Zhongshan park, started as a teahouse ▓in 1915. It was not until th

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e 1980s that red mansion cuisin▓e appeared on the menu. This charming restaur▓ant is modeled on the novel's splendid g▓rand view

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garden, and diners come here to exper▓ience what the gentlemen and ladies of the novel ate. Dishes include one commemorating au

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ions, and poetry assemblies. Author Cao▓ Xueqin set a unique table for each and every venue at the occasion.In Lai Jin Yu Xuan,

you can eat in the banquet hall, with a luxury set of red

es sweet turnip, black▓ fun

mansion ▓dishes, or in the more humble dining roo▓m on the restaurant's first floor. Patrons include locals living nearby and

visitors traveling through▓ Zhongshan park. One delicacy y

uck breasts. Everyth

ou must try ▓at Lai Jin Yu Xuan is the "Dong Cai Baozi", or steamed buns stuffed with ground pork and pickled vegetables. In

the past, local Beijingers qu▓eued for the steamed buns and

ring your palate on a journey tinted with the color of fiction. Beijing is a

me now to get your taste bud s ready and learn to cook it▓ for yourself!Tens of thousa nds of rubbe r ducks take part in the last Great Singapore Du ck Race▓ in Singapo re Sept. 9, 20 07. The race with 85,000 rubber ducks, which rai ses funds for se ven charities in Sin gapore, will be th e last one dow n the ▓Singapore Ri ver before it is tur ned into a reservoir as 泸州市wap 科尔沁右翼中旗wap 建宁县wap 随州市wap 伊春市5G 龙陵县5G 雷州市wap 莫力达瓦达斡尔族自治旗5G 五莲县wap 平和县wap 三穗县wap 霸州市wap 阳新县5G 德安县wap 隆安县5G 罗田县wap 修武县5G 化州市wap 海盐县wap 剑阁县wap 热血传奇私服斗鱼直播 传奇私服dbc2000下载 传奇私服变态版本 制作传奇私服视频 家用电脑开传奇私服 传奇私服挂机刷元宝 传奇私服电脑配置要求 传奇私服单机制作教程 传奇私服合计版本 传奇私服开区合区教程